Inspiring: Meet Sheidatu Abubakar, the lady with no arms


Sheidatu Abubakar, 16,though born without hands, uses her legs to eat, write, and even do henna decoration for ladies.From a distance, Sheidatu Abubakar looks like most of her peers in school uniform. The hijab she wears conceals the fact that the SS1 student has no hands, unlike her school mates. But meeting the humorous teenager, you get the feeling that what she lacked in hands, she more than made up through the maximum utilisation of her legs, and this makes her the most popular girl in her hometown of Lapai, Niger State.

Sheda is not only going to school but is competing favorably in the classroom with her normal classmates, particularly in design and drawing. Sheida hopes to go as far as the University to study Fine Arts. 
I wish her the best of luck and hope she realises her dreams!