Cheating husband and wife check into same hotel


The man, who has not been named, allegedly told his wife he would be home late that night as he needed to supervise building work on their new house.
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But he had no idea his wife had taken advantage of her free evening by booking a room for herself and her secret boyfriend at the same hotel, which is popular with people having affairs.The truth came out only when the pair emerged in various states of undress after a power cut.
A witness, identified only as Salma, told Kenya’s Standard newspaper that ‘all hell broke loose’ when the furious pair realised their double deception.
The husband and wife reportedly ‘wrestled each other to the ground’ before being thrown out by hotel staff.
Salma said: ‘I saw the woman scream and grab her husband who slapped her hard out of fury.
‘The lovers, who were still in the rooms, were attracted by the loud confrontation but found man and wife tearing into each other.
‘They both quickly slipped through the door and disappeared into the darkness.’
The angry incident took place at the hotel, in the township of Mlolongo, two weeks ago.
Staff believe the couple were both regular clients at the roadside establishment.
Source: Kenya’s Standard newspaper