PHOTO: Lover posts married banker’s Unclad pics online after row


There are these photographs of a “very married” manager in one of the financial institutions that has gone viral. She is alleged to be having an affair with one of her male colleagues and everything was going down well till she “fell in love” with another male colleague of hers. Things got awry between her and her first “official” lover when he discovered her “infidelity” and he decided to punish her by releasing some of her most intimate photographs online. We will not be publishing those “intimate” pictures on this blog because it’s against our code of ethics and we have to respect the woman in question.
I have several questions to ask about this affair:
1. Why would a married woman be caught in this kind of mess?
2. Why do women snap such intimate photographs with their lovers knowing fully well things may get ugly after a while especially if they are married?
3. What explanations would she have for her “husband”, kids and family?
4. How does she intend to cope with the “shame” afterwards?
To all the ladies in the house, kindly STOP posing unclad for your lovers! I doubt husbands would love to keep their wives’ unclad pictures on their phone.

Let me have your take on this topic.