Prezzo Dumps Wife For Goldie?

The 32-year -old Kenyan rap artiste made his intention known at a press conference held on Wednesday at The Place, Ikeja, Lagos. Prezzo said he travelled all the way from his native country to apologise and propose to Goldie, if she gives him an opportunity.

He said, “I went into the house with the mind to make my country proud and make the money. But along the line, I developed feelings for Goldie and I still do up till now as I speak. We have not spoken together as I speak. So, I am here to get a hold of her and apologise. Ever since the show ended, I have not been the same as I have been thinking about her (Goldie). I just want her to give me just 30 minutes and pray she answers my call, because I feel everything happens for a reason. There were a couple of ladies in the house, but my mind chose her. Goldie and I are on the same path that is why we flowed together.”

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Prezzo also claimed that all through his stay in the house, his intentions towards Goldie was not hidden. According to him, he had informed Big Brother of his affections, hence his visit to Nigeria is not a ploy to build a fan base here.
Prezzo, who will be performing alongside Jay Z in a show to hold in the U.S later in the month, confirmed the fact that he was once married but has since parted ways with his former wife.

“No married man with his right senses will go into the Big Brother House. I was once married but we have been separated for two and a half years now but we have a beautiful daughter together. My divorce is an ongoing process. We don’t live together any longer. My ex wife knows that our relationship cannot work. So, there is no string attached as far as we are both concerned. It didn’t work out so we went our separate ways.
“For anyone who feels I offended them while I was in the competition, I ask for their forgiveness. Remember the house can bring out the best or worst from anybody. I have a mother, sister and daughter. So, I am really sorry,” he says.