The Bible Celebrates Nudity -Reverend Horrocks

Taking a leaf out Prince Harry's book?: Reverend Bob Horrocks is both a Church of England vicar and a practising naturist. The Bolton-based 55-year-old is now set to bare all for a TV documentary about attitudes towards the unclad human body.

This is what a 55 year old Reverend of a Church of England vicar is saying. Mr Horrocks, from the Seven Saints Rectory in Farnworth, Bolton, is set to bare all for a TV documentary in a bid to change attitudes towards the unclad human body.The 55-year-old says the Bible celebrates nudity and the sexualisation of bodies is a modern phenomenon which has been manufactured by advertising.

Mr Horrocks said he discovered naturism after finding himself on a unclad beach while on holiday in Fuerteventura six years ago. He added: ‘I was going for a swim when I noticed other people didn’t have clothes on.It was one of those situations where I just thought ”when in Rome”. I felt set free. But then being a Church minister I thought ”is this right”?’

“I went away and researched the Bible and I found there was a lot of positive stuff – there is nothing condemning simple uncladness. It was part of life at the time of Jesus. It’s something I would’ve loved to have discovered when I was a lot younger.’