Tonto Dikeh now hooked on drugs!


Hold it guys, it’s only a movie! Got you guys there.
Despite the controversy and buzz that seemed to have followed the yet-to-be-released blockbuster movie, My Life, My Damage was simply phenomenal and one of her best performances till date. Complimenting on her character in the movie, Dikeh before to the Damage trilogy, showed to many why she is one of the actresses of tomorrow’s Nollywood.
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Written and produced by vivacious and amiable actress cum producer, Uche Jombo, My Life, My Damage deals with the consequences of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. A young lady who lives a reckless life abroad as a drug addict is given a rude shock when she discovers that she’s HIV positive and now has to seek redemption for herself. The movie tells the ugly story of young Dora I whose dream of becoming a medical doctor takes her on a roller coaster of missed steps that eventually defined her life.

A life she wishes could be reversed. Dead to her brother and alien to the world around her, Dora (Tonto Dikeh) choice of relationship brought about reversed romance, one filled with fun but with grave consequences. With an arresting plot, gripping story line and a commendable picture quality, My Life, My Damage showcases an array of international stars including Thomas H. Altman, Dani Palmer and Biola Williams, whose delivery and collaboration with two of Nollywood’s best, Tonto Dikeh and Bukky Wright gave an award-winning performance that made the message in the movie a compelling; delight to follow and easy to comprehend .

Speaking on the movie, the producer, Uche Jombo, said it’s high time Africa began to make movies that can best address some of the ills that has long affected it. “…Yea I agree that My Life, My Damage addresses a social phenomenon that is common to people the world over but like they say “Charity begins at home”. The earlier we begin to inform our children of the dangers of keeping bad company, the better so as to avoid future regret. The HIV/AIDS scourge and drug abuse has devastated many families the world over.

While some contacted the disease through ignorance, others were innocently infected. Set to begin its American tour with its first screening at the Nollywood Film Festival New York (NEA Awards) on September 1, 2012, the movie, directed by Moses Inwang, was set in modern day America. It got its good scenery from the state of Minnesota with some scenes shot in some choice locations in Lagos, Nigeria.

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