Top 5 Tablets 2012


Internet and email access along with video chat, a camera and so many other capabilities make a tablet hard to resist.Portable and lightweight, they are easy to handle with their touch screen display.

There are different tablets with different USP (unique selling points) available in the market and you’d need to gaugeyour needs before buying one. They provide entertainment, offer multitasking capabilities with a long battery life and even let you browse the internet.

Continue to see the top 5 tablets in the market:

1. Apple iPad (third generation) family – With an incredible touch screen that will surely take your breath away, this
tablet from the Apple family is a little heavier and thicker than its predecessor. High speed processor that runs on A5X
dual-core Cortex A-9 based chip and a splendid 5-megapixel camera make this one a sure winner.

2. Apple iPad 2– With an iOS 5 Operating System and dual-core ASX chip, the new iPad is slimmer and easier to
hold. It comes with slim dimensions and a long battery life. Its fast processor offers you incomparable speed, while
its multimedia features include FaceTime (a video chat feature through which you can connect to people with similar
technology) and a front-facing camera. Its splendid graphics and host of other features make it a perfect choice.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Featured on the Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system, this one from Samsung is
sleek and light. It has an amazing display screen with sharp pictures that makes watching videos or pictures, surfing
the Internet or using any other application truly worthwhile. Its rear camera of 3.0 megapixels comes with auto focus,
LED flash and other features. The front camera is ideal for video chatting; while its browser application gives you a
wholesome Internet experience.

4. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 – Great value and performance are the USP of this classy piece. Its quad-
core processor makes it ideal for gaming, while the wonderful display is a highlight of this tablet. Its three system
modes enhance its performance helping it make to the top five list.

5. Sony Tablet S – Based on Android 3.1 honeycomb OS, this tablet from Sony has all features including Sony
PlayStation certification. Though its display is not as large as other tablets, its lean design and light weight make it
worth it. Its features include tabbed browsing, chat and messengers among many others.

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