Joke: Suicide Is My Last Option!


Dear dad, I urgently need money: Reason: no milk, no milo, no gari, no sugar, no shito, no money to bush canteen, dining hall food too small, so-so ‘nketinkiti’ at night. If no response by next week, Suicide is my last option. I hope you don’t want to lose your only son in school.

Reply from dad
Dear son, Suicide approved. Reasons: I am still hunting since I was fired last year, your mother is seriously sick and no money for hospital, landlord has just sent us ejection notice for 6 months rent default, your sister who supports the family is pregnant without a husband. Things are difficult son, but die a hero’s death…just jump onto a government official car so we can get some judgement debt to start a new life.

Please note: NNDDCC rally is coming off and all the gurus will be present. Son! This is 2-in-1. Judgement debt and heroes fund are in the same pot…please we can’t afford to lose this opportunity.Your funeral will be gargantuan. All the best

Have a nice day guys!