Man or machine? The most hyper-realistic tattoos ever

Yomico Moreno - MouthYomico Moreno
Yomico MorenoYomico Moreno
Venezuelan artist Yomico Moreno, who works out of Caracas, has inked a variety of tattoos, ranging from sinister to downright surreal. Among his works are bionic arms, layers of skin ‘peeled back’ to reveal a beating heart, and the somewhat less dystopic images of ladybugs and butterflies.

This is so real, continue to see for yourself

Skin deep: Again by Yomico Moreno, this graphic tattoo shows superficial pectoral muscles that were meticulously tattooed, complete with suture needles and stitches
Matters of the heart: This tattoo, also by Yomico Moreno, shows tattooed clamps holding open a heart that was apparently sliced by the scalpel
Eye on the prize: A blinking grey eye looks up from the forearm of one of Moreno's clients
Yomico MorenoYomico Moreno
Terrifying: This tarantula looks as if it's creeping down an unsuspecting man's arm; clever shading and shadows help make these images look real