Photos: Building collapses in Ojota during renovation

A building in ojota area has collapsed, the building is on Ahaji Amoor street to be precise. It happened yesterday evening. My sister Inlaw called me yesterday to tell me of how one of the buildings in her compound collapsed, because the landlord was using cheap labor to restructure the flat he gave to a school which recently moved out of the place. The tenant of the destroyed apartment noticed a crack in one of the rooms, and according to her she felt a vibration, so she quickly took her kids to a neighbours place and returned with the neighbour to show her the crack she noticed, as soon as they got into the sitting room the building split in their presence, destroying the rooms and part of the sitting room. 
According to a source, the workers of the building were last seen on saturday and they said the pillars of the building was tampered with,leaving just blocks to support the building. Now Lagos State government has occupied the building leaving tenants homeless. The other building was also sealed until it has been certified okay by a building Engineer. Thank God no one was hurt, just properties and a Toyota Camry! Continue to see what I saw.

The renovation that triggered the collapse

The damage

Tenants rendered homeless

The damaged vehicle

The building sealed by lagos state government