The Nigerian music industry is filled with budding talents and with each day, we see even much better straight-to-the-top certified new ones emerging.

I have personally come to believe it takes more than just the talent to keep one’s self in the top spot…it comes with a total package and most importantly, the ability to intuitively figure what will sell and when; Young’ Di is one of the few to me who have been able to position themselves and have done a good job of maintaining that steady rise.

After a successful single ‘Tuale’ which rocked the airwaves with a rotational play, Young’Di is onto it again. this time with a monster single certified club banger titled ‘sumtin’in a chat with hi, he said “i did this for my fans knowing very well that we are nearing the ember period which generally signified fun,
excitement and partying”.

This is one single i highly recommend. Click here to download