Video and Photos of 31 Year Old Woman, Who Looks Like A Baby


Shocking video shows a 31-year-old Brazilian woman looking like a 1 year old baby due to a rare disease. Maria Audete do Nascimento was born on 7 May 1981 and has been suffering from a rare disease which apparently could be cured, if she was given appropriate medication at birth.

Woman’s drama is truly heartbreaking: at 31, every woman has a family or own children, but Maria do Nascimento has to be fed, dressed and taken out by her relatives. Her case is stunningly resembling that of the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” which showed a similar character starred by actor Brad Pitt.
Currently Maria is in the custody of the second wife of her father, who adopted her and raises her as own daughter after she lost her mum 13 years ago. Continue to watch the video