Why do we allow ourselves get up to this point?


I know some pot belly people who say they do not know how they got to this point. Its strange that they do not they are the cause of their problems that is why I am sharing this tips with you my loyal readers today. 

People who drink a lot of beer have a bulge on their belly and no where else on their body. You can tell too, because everything on their body will be skinny and they will have this hugh bulge on their belly. Another way is eating lots of fatty foods and sugar. Eating late at night or right be for you got to sleep. This is when your metabolism is least effective. If you eat a lot of sugar and don’t burn them off they turn into fat. 

You need to know how your body distributes fat too, cause if you consume all this food and your body sends extra fat to your thighs or butt, then you are not doing too much for your belly.

Hope this was helpful?