Wunmi Adebayo, murdered student of Tai Solarin University was killed by her boyfriend


A couple of days ago,Wunmi Adebayo a Tai Solarin Student was reportedly killed by armed robbers at her boyfriend’s apartment in Ijebu Ode for refusing to be raped by the robbers. Another story has emerged  that Wunmi’s said boyfriend is actually the killer.

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According to a source, Wunmi’s parents weren’t satisfied with the story surrounding their daughters death so they went for spiritual help. After their consultation,the boyfriend confessed to the Nigerian police . According to him, he is an armed robber unknown to Wunmi. Wunmi came to his house unannounced,and met him and his friends with guns. In shock, she tried to run back, but was caught,beaten and raped her before they finally shot her. So their secrets will remain safe with them. 

So sad, RIP Wunmi