77-Year-Old Woman Murders Her Husband And Still Continues To Cook For Him


A woman reportedly suffering from dementia allegedly murdered her husband and then continued to cook him dinner for the following two days.Fredericka Rosa, 77, fatally shot her husband, 79-year-old Valpa C. Rosa, in July.

Fredericka Rosa, was alone with the body for 48 hours, during which time she continued to prepare meals for her husband, and even called other family members to ask where he was when he didn’t show up for dinner. Authorities discovered the body when one of the couple’s children called the police.
In an interview with NBC 10, the two Rosa children said their mother had Alzheimer’s disease and suffered from dementia, and that she was physically disabled.They also said she had endured years of abuse from her husband.
According to their kids, they said they understand why their mother did it, because he drove her insane, to the point where she picked up the gun and shot him.”
The couple had been married for 54 years.
Fredericka Rosa was arrested after the body was discovered. She faces charges of first-degree murder and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.