‘It Is An Insult To Compare Ghanian Movies To Nigerian Movies’ – Francis Duru


Nigerian actor Francis Duru had a chat with the Nigerian Compass and Francis Duru said it’s an insult to compare Ghanian movies to Nigerian Movies. Read it below

Do you think the entertainment industry in Nigeria is being overtaken by the Ghanaian entertainment industry?

There is no comparison between Ghanaian entertainment industry and Nigerian entertainment industry. I have no regrets saying this. There is no comparison between Ghana and Nigeria, in terms of the entertainment industry. Where do they want to start from? I am not saying this out of sentiment. There is no basis for such comparison. Let’s name one Nigerian cinematographer to 10 Ghanaian minds. Let us not use the bandwagon vogue culture to make comparisons.
Take a look at our lineups and do the same with that of Ghana; do you see any comparison? It is wrong to even think of such comparison. They need to respect us and I am sure they do. Everyday Ghanaian sneaks in here to shoot movies. They do that because we have people who are only interested in making money, even when such monies are made at the detriment of their life. They do not care, forgetting that they are gradually tinting the integrity of this nation and the industry. That is why some Ghanaian’s will think of saying they are beating Nigeria. Where do they want to start? It’s an insult to make such comparison.
Do you agree with him?