Jim Iyke mourns with jamaican girlfriend Keturah Hamilton


Nollywood bad boy Jim Iyke is often linked with scandal and controversy, but this time, the actor is in the news for a tragic reason. Iyke is supporting his Jamaican girlfriend, Keturah Hamilton, after the Jamaican police allegedly killed two of her brothers, Sheldon and Nicholas McKenzie, on the same day.

Keturah shared her shock on a social network, saying; ‘I am aghast at the institutionalized killings of innocent civilians that seem to define the Jamaican police force, the wanton destruction of innocent live under the guise of trying to prevent crimes. How can you prevent crime when you are actively committing the same crime against people who should ordinarily depend on you for safety?’

Unconfirmed reports say the Jamaican police claimed to have heard gun shots coming from the apartment where Keturah’s brother resided. ‘They quickly proceeded to the building armed, and without making any announcement or proper investigation, they barged in and opened fire, killing the both of them’ one source said.The policemen involved allegedly concealed their identity by taking off their badges and escaping the scene.
Iyke and the model have been dating for almost two years, and the actor has previously hinted at impending marriage plans.