Meet the new wine-filled handbag

Meet your new favourite handbagThe bag comes complete with a wine bottle holder

The traditional handbag can accommodate a women’s essentials from her make-up to her phone. But one Swiss creator decided that this was simply not enough for women who are leading an increasingly hectic lifestyle.So she took it upon herself to redesign the traditional handbag and make it fit for the modern woman and it even comes complete with a special compartment for a bottle of wine.

The new wine bag comes complete with a wine bottle holder. It’s available in three ‘designer’ colours and varieties. There’s chardonnay viognier in white, black for syrah cabernet shiraz and a pink one for rosé.  

Swiss creator Claudia Eicke said she had the idea while thinking of a bag that would hold all the items needed for a whole day.And with women whose lifestyle is a constant race against the clock, she needed to invent a bag that would be suitable for work as well as shopping trips and parties

It is currently on sale for £863 and can be ordered through the Envoyage website –

Will you get one?