Nigerian doctor who arranged to marry two women just one month apart killed himself when his double life was exposed

Festus Ojabemi

When you get caught in a bad relationship, you either loose both parties or  get a second chance. But that was not the case of a cheating Nigerian-born GP who led a double life with two women for seven years and promised to marry both of them one month apart hanged himself when his secret was exposed.

Dr Festus Ojagbemi, 49, known as ‘Wally’, lived with long-term partner Jackie Hammond in the week and lover Bamidele Ayeni on weekends  for seven years.He fathered a child with Miss Ayeni – a popular Nigerian singer known as Dele Achiever – and said he would wed them both, while racking up thousands of pounds worth of debt taking them on holidays.

Miss Hammond said he killed himself because he felt guilty after the double life was uncovered, adding: ‘He just wanted me to notice he was hurting because of what he had done to me.’
Miss Ayeni did not appear at the inquest but the hearing was told of evidence she gave to police. She claimed Dr Ojagbemi proposed last October and that they were planning a wedding in April.
They had a child, he rented a flat for them, visited on weekends and they would talk six or seven times a day, she said.
Miss Ayeni, who sings Juju and pop music, said she knew about the other partner, but he told her he ‘did not love her any more’. She told officers: ‘I would call him “baby” because he was my baby. I would also call him my “husband”.