Photos: Horses forced to fight in rural China

Crowdpleaser: The gathered watch intently as two young horses go head to head with many having picked a favourite ahead of the battle
Moneymakers: It is common for the spectators to bet on the outcome of the horsefightsNo sport: The event, held to celebrate the autumn harvest has been part of Chinese rural life for centuries, although human rights campaigners have branded it 'barbaric'

Two stallions fight tooth and hoof as they are pitted against each other in a traditional Chinese horse fight.
The event was arranged to celebrate the end of the autumn harvest in Rongshui County,animal rights campaigners have called this ‘cruel’ and ‘barbaric’.

Two stallions are led to a mare in heat, which is taken away when the stallions are aroused, leading them to fight each other. If the stallions still refuse to fight then organisers use other methods to anger and frighten them such as whipping the creatures or firing guns in the air.

Feel bad for the animals because they are forced to do it.