Photos:Comedian Elenu proposes to girlfriend publicly, what if she had said NO?


Comedian, Elenu has good taste, he proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, Chinwe Anyanwu, on Sunday October 21st at Federal Palace Hotel.Chinwe went  to what she thought was dinner with friends, but when the waiter brought her plate to the table, Elenu had a ring in it. so sweet!

Comedian AY and his wife, and friend’s of the couple were all there to share in their friend’s special day.
I am so happy for them. But let’s look at it from another point, Do you like surprises? okay, me too! what if she had said NO? In front of all their friends?If you were the guy what would you do? If you were amongst the friends what would be your stand, I know some bad friend’s will laugh o! But seriously what would you do? 

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