Why has life become so meaningless to Nigerians?


Another Jungle Justice: The Norm In Nigeria Now?

Every good innovation has its negative side. For instance with social media, people prefer to take pictures and make videos of life threatening situations like accident victims or mob victims – like the ugly incident that occurred at Aluu (Port Harcourt) where people were being crudely bludgeoned to death while the spectators do nothing but goad the “executioners” while making videos and taking pictures. How pathetic! Have our moral standards fallen so low that we don’t give a hoot about the next person’s life? Why did they not form a human shield around the victims when the beating had gone too far? Why did no one try to contact the security operatives around to nip this dastardly act in the bud? Why did they allow these young men to be killed like pigs? Don’t we watch foreign movies or visit the western world? Criminals are treated with respect regardless of the gravity of their offense … even those on death row are treated with respect till they are executed? 
Why do we still embrace jungle justice in this day and time? Aren’t we supposed to be civilized in the world’s largest, black nation?
Too many rhetorical questions!

The positive from this crazy social media fad is that through the recordings and pictures, some of the perpetrators of this inhumane “execution” have been arrested and will soon face the full weight of the law.

The food for thought today: How do we heal Nigeria and make it a better place to live in? Leaders and Followers alike … It begins with YOU … save a life. Don’t stand there to record a victim in trauma, SAVE him! It may be your relation at some point.

Say NO to jungle justice. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!