James Bond look alike in Lagos

What is your impression about these20 tuxedo-garbed and dashingly good looking men who are displaying deft moves and choreography to the delight of passers-by yesterday? The arresting sight and pure spectacle of Daniel Craig’s legendry character was rolled up in a synchronizing effect by these 20 men under the Heineken James Bond billboard across select areas in Lagos.

During the fascinating procession, passers- by were intrigued and shared different views about the pose. Akin Ogunmola, a banker at Zenith bank thinks this is only a dress rehearsal. “I love what I am seeing and I can only associate this moves with the James Bond character. I guess they are doing a public awareness campaign about the ‘Skyfall’ movie which is sponsored by Heineken.”

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Similarly, Emeka Agwu, a businessman, who was dumb-struck by the amazing display said, “I like the sightof these men; it’s really looking cool. But I don’t really know what they are out to achieve. Maybe they are trying to advertise a product or a film. It is beautiful anyway.” Did you see these guys in your neighbourhood? Tell us what you think about this puzzle-like animated choreography.

To get a glimpse of what happened yesterday watch this