Photos:Soccer star Ronaldo loses vision in both eyes

Cut up: Cristiano Ronaldo was left bleeding after being caught by an elbow from David Navarro (below)Clash: David Navarro's elbow catches Ronaldo
In the dark: Ronaldo, arriving at the Portugal team hotel on Monday, briefly lost sight in both eyesNational service: Ronaldo arrives at the Portugal team hotel on Monday
The admired features of Christian Ronaldo are looking a little less beautiful today after the football heart-throb suffered a horrendous injury over the weekend. Ronaldo temporarily lost the vision in both his eyes after receiving an elbow in the face during Real Madrid’s clash with Levante last night.

The £80m man was due to have tests at a Madrid hospital after being caught by a defender.
He had gamely returned to the field and even managed to score Real’s opener in the 21st minute but was unable to play the second half after his sight failed.

TSB wishes him a quick recovery!