Policemen brutalise, strip okada rider for violating traffic law!

The stripped okada rider
The scene of the humiliation!

Some plain-clothes policemen had laid ambush in a van with registration number NPF9544B, reportedly took the enforcement of the Lagos Traffic Law to the extreme on Wednesday as they allegedly beat an unidentified okada rider, was caught while riding at the junction of University Road and St. Finbarr’s College Road in Akoka, and stripped him in Akoka, Lagos.
Are we  (tax payers) paying the police to protect or molest us? Is that how Policing is done in the western world? Where is the politeness, professionalism, discipline, human rights consideration that is evident in the western world? Do we have to behave like stark illiterates of the stong ages by stripping a traffic offender unclad and beating him just because he broke a traffic law? When will we grow up in Nigeria?

We need to bring the squad responsible for this madness to book. Once again, their vehicle registration number is NPF9544B. Relevant authorities should track and punish them! This inhuman treatment must STOP!

Dear readers, too many questions, where are the answers?