Last photo of Reeva Steenkamp hours before she was shot dead by boyfriend on Valentine’s Day


Dramatic CCTV images emerged yesterday of a smiling Reeva Steenkamp arriving at the home of Oscar Pistorius, just hours before she was shot dead by the Paralympian on Valentine’s Day. The video stills appear to show the 29-year-old model looking happy as she pulled up at the star’s home in Pretoria. Despite her smiles, her ex-flatmate revealed that she felt so ‘caged in’ by an ‘impatient and moody’.  Pistorius in the early days of their relationship that he was forced to tell the athlete to ‘back off’.

Miss Steenkamp is seen grinning as security guards let her drive her Mini Cooper into the Silver Woods estate on the outskirts of Pretoria just before 6pm. Ten minutes later, Paralympic champion Pistorius is also shown arriving in his white BMW. He uses a lane that is further away from the CCTV camera and it does not capture his facial expression. The athlete claims that during the night he heard a noise in the bathroom and feared it was an intruder. 

Pistorius was bailed on Friday and forced to surrender his passport. More photos when you continue

Pistorius, 26, said he felt ‘vulnerable’ without his prosthetic legs, so he got a gun from under his bed and fired through the bathroom door, shouting at the ‘intruder’ to get out of the house and for Reeva to call the police. At that point Pistorius thought she was still in bed.
Pistorius described his ‘horror and fear’ as he realised Reeva was not in the bed, and said he used the bat to break down the toilet door to find Reeva slumped inside the cubicle.
He said he called paramedics and then carried Reeva, 29, downstairs, trying to revive her, but she died in his arms.