Media takeout believes Kim Kardashian is faking her pregnancy, See the evidence here


Well had a PHOTOSHOP EXPERT look at it . . . and were told that the pics that Kim Instagrammed are CERTIFIED FAKES!!!!

Look closely at the FIRST PIC. There is a “WHITE SPACE” next to her bump – that CLEARLY does not match with the background. See the photos below

Look at the first picture, right under her boob, the background is totally white. What happened to the dressing room background? And it isn’t her t-shirt either. It’s the same right by the hand holding the camera. The background is all white. This is a bad photoshop job.

And the SECOND pic is also altered. If you look closely, there is a “BLACK TRIANGLE” next to Kim’s leg, which is NOT in the first pic. And the triangle DOES NOT match with the background. Our expert adds:
There is a protrusion coming out of the side of her pants closest to the mirror. It isn’t in the first picture and she has barely changes positions. . . .This is easy to spot.So now tht we KNOW FOR A FACT that the pics were PHOTOSHOPPED. The next question is WHY. Is Kim trying to “PLAY UP” her bump . . . or is the WHOLE PREGNANCY FRAUDULENT!!!!

Source: Media takeout