Photos Of A Shirtless, Blood-Stained Oscar Pistorious, Immediately After Shooting Reeva Steenkamp, Shown In Court



The first police officers on the scene found the Paralympian in a ‘very emotional state’ and a trail of blood that ran throughout his house in Pretoria. Pistorius was pacing around in the kitchen, bare-chested and with blood all over his shorts and prosthetic legs (centre). A side-profile image shows more down his left arm (top left). Other macabre photographs shown to the court included the blood-spattered toilet (bottom left) where Miss Steenkamp was shot dead in the early hours of Valentine’s Day last year. More pictures after the break.

Aftermath of the killing: This picture of Oscar Pistorius, bare-chested and covered in blood from the waist down, was taken by police shortly after the Paralympian shot Reeva Steenkamp at his home

Shocking: Blood can be seen all down the athlete's left arm and on his shorts apparently from when he carried his dead girlfriend down the stairs after shooting her in the bathroom

Horrific: Blood is splattered all over the toilet where Miss Steenkamp was shot by Pistorius

Sickening: A substantial amount of blood was found in the toilet bowl. The trial was expected to examine whether Miss Steenkamp was sitting on the toilet at the time she was shot

Grim: The court was shown this picture of the 9mm pistol used to kill Miss Steenkamp as it was found by the first police officer on the scene. The hammer was still cocked with the safety catch removed, the trial heard

Evidence: This picture of Pistorius's blood-stained prosthetic legs was used by his defense lawyer in a bid to show that the athlete was wearing them, as he says, when he broke down the toilet door with a cricket bat


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