Move Over Kim Kardashian; Coco Austin Is The Queen Of Butts!

Wowzer! Coco Austin's '100 per cent real' buttocks come in at a close second
1. COCO AUSTIN (waist 23, hips 40- RATIO: 1.74 )

The question ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ used to set fear into the heart of many women, but in today’s society, a bigger bottom is celebrated – thanks to the rise in a rounder derriere amongst the A-list. From Kim Kardashian’s juicy booty to Amber Rose’s rounder rump – they’re all pin-up worthy, and you don’t need to be a former lover of Kanye West to jump on the band wagon. But the celebrity with the greatest bottom – in terms of their esteemed hip to waist ratio –  is Rapper Ice T’s wife, Coco Austin, with a whopping 17 inch difference between her reported 40 inch hips and her waist – a minuscule 23 inches. Based on the relative size of their plush derriere’s to their slinky waists, read a compilation of the top 13 most impressive rear-ends in Hollywood … after the break

Star quality: Nicki Minaj, owner of one of the biggest celebrity bottoms, also enjoys a wide waist-to-hip ratio, with a teeny tiny waist and a perfectly rounded backside
2. NICKI MINAJ (waist 26, hips 45 – RATIO: 1.73)
Cheeky: Australian songstress Iggy Azalea's biggest butt fan is her boyfriend, Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young
3. IGGY AZALEA (waist 23, hips 37 – RATIO: 1.61)
Baby got back: Kim Kardashian drew widespread attention when she posted this 'belfie' - a bottom selfie - onto her social media accounts, showing off her plump derriere
4. KIM KARDASHIAN (waist 26, hips 40 – RATIO: 1.54)
Steamy: Beyonce fondly refers to her voluptuous bottom as 'fatty' and says running up and down stairs is the best thing for keeping it firm
5. BEYONCE (waist 26, hips 40- RATIO: 1.54)
Professional hazard: Blac Chyna reportedly had a butt implant emergency this year, when one of them flipped upside down to form a lumpy disaster
6. BLAC CHYNA (waist 27, hips 41 – RATIO: 1.52)
Who, me? Jennifer Lopez, 44,  is evidently fully satisfied with her spectacular backside
7. JENNIFER LOPEZ (waist 25, hips 38 – RATIO: 1.52)
Twerk it: Amber Rose sports a slightly less impressive hip-to-waist ratio than her ex-boyfriend Kanye West's new fiance, Kim Kardashian
8. AMBER ROSE (waist 25, hips 38 – RATIO: 1.52)
Denim delight: Rihanna is the proud owner of this plump bottom, which she posted to her Twitter as part of a 'butt war' with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown's new flame
9. RIHANNA (waist 24, hips 36 – RATIO: 1.5)


10. PIPPA MIDDLETON (waist 23, hips 34 – RATIO: 1.48)
Give it a squeeze: Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh admits even her former band mates can't resist her bottom
11. KIMBERLEY WALSH (waist 25, hips 35 – RATIO: 1.4)
Meow: British model and curve-ambassador Kelly Brook, 34, racked up a reported 10 inch difference between her hips and waist
12. KELLY BROOK (waist 25, hips 35 – RATIO: 1.4)
The cat who got the cream: Bringing up the rear of our list is the stunning Jessica Biel, who admits her gorgeous looks can actually be 'problem' for her
13. JESSICA BIEL (waist 26, hips 36 – RATIO: 1.38)

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