ISIS Demand $6.6Million Ransom For 26-Year-Old American Woman Held Hostage


hostageABC News reports that a 26-year-old aid worker who was kidnapped from Syria last year has been confirmed as the third hostage held captive by the Islamic State (aka ISIS). The terror-group has demanded a $6.6million ransom for the woman, as well as the release of imprisoned neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui.

The hostage’s family has asked for her name not to be released for fear of her safety.  She is the third of at least four hostages held by ISIS, including executed photojournalist James Foley.

News of the ransom comes just a week after the group beheaded Foley in a savage propaganda video posted online. At the end of the video, the group threatened to kill another hostage, journalist Steven Sotloff, next.

The ransom was revealed Monday, at a press conference held on behalf of Siddiqui’s family, who are trying to distance themselves from ISIS.  It was also confirmed through a close friend of the unidentified hostage’s family.

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