Photos: Indian Doctors Baffled After 8-Year-Old Boy’s Fingers Grow Bigger Than His Head


Child With Giant Hands Baffles DoctorsAn eight-year-old boy has left doctors baffled after his hands swelled to giant proportions and now weigh more than two stone. Young Kaleem, from India, is unable to carry out simple tasks, including tying his own shoe laces, after he was born with hands twice the size of an average baby.

His mother Haleema, 27, (pictured with Kaleem and another one of her children) said she feels 'powerless'

His mother Haleema, 27, said she knew he was different at birth but was powerless to help and the youngster’s hands have now grown so large they measure 13 inches from the base of his palm to the end of his middle finger. The cricket fan said he has been bullied and shunned most of his life because others are ‘scared’ of his deformity.

Kaleem, a keen cricketer, said the teachers at his school have told him other children are 'scared' of his hands

He said: ‘I do not go to school because the teacher says other kids are scared of my hands.’Many of them used to bully me for my deformity. They would say “let’s beat up the kid with the large hands”.’Some of them have actually beaten me and would go after me often.


Doctors in India have been left baffled by his growing hands and many are at a loss as to what the condition is

‘I find it difficult to put on my clothes, button my shirt and pull up my pants. ‘But I don’t know if I want doctors to operate on my hands. They would have to make me unconscious and then they would cut me open.


The youngster has difficulty eating, tying his shoelaces and carrying out other basic tasks due to his  hands


‘I have no problem if they could do it without an injection. A small operation would be okay.’ His parents, who earn just £15 a month, have been desperately trying to find help for their son – but to no avail.


Kaleem's father Shamim, 45, (pictured together above) is worried his son will never become independent


His mother, who has other children who do not suffer from the same condition, said: ‘When Kaleem was born his hand was twice the size of a normal baby’s. ‘His hands were big and his fingers were long. Initially his fists were small but they began to grow large as well and his fingers also kept growing.’


Doctors have assessed Kaleem and have described his hands as a 'rare condition'. He is otherwise healthy

His father, Shamim, 45, who works as a labourer, is worried his son will never be independent and blames himself for not earning enough money.

‘He has difficulty feeding himself because his fist does not bend properly – so we have to feed him,’ he said. ‘Using two fingers he is able to pick up some things like a glass of water to drink.


‘We want to take him to the hospital but there have been times when money has been so low that my wife has been forced to go begging. ‘In that kind of financial situation, getting treatment for Kaleem was difficult.


‘Even when I tried to get Kaleem into the school, the headmaster told me to put in writing that the school would not be responsible if the other children were afraid of his hands or bullied him or laughed at him.’