Konga Makeover: 1,881 Users Signed Up Over 8,000 Points By Top Scorers


Time is ticking and some really ambitious babes are going for the Konga Makeover challenge. In the first one week of this free online challenge for the most up-to-speed babe in Lagos on everything girly, the Konga Makeover challenge has gathered participants both on mobile and web to a whooping 1,321 female contestants! 

How does it work?

First you must have a really strong desire to get a totally free makeover by a professional makeup artiste here in Lagos. Now, if you think that you pass that I-wanna-free-makeover test then, you must make that move to register and play the quiz game!

Download theapp or playquiz on Palmchat

Darling if you are a Palmchatterthen taking a shot at the quiz is really a lot easier, just search ‘KONGA MAKEOVER’ and voila! Click the ‘join’ button and move straight to the game, it is that simple. You can also download the KONGA MAKEOVER app on Palmchatfacebook page, simply browse through the page, find the KONGA FASHION MAKEOVER, click and follow the instruction to download or play on from the landing page.

Incentive or what?

C’mon dear even you cannot deny it, every woman deserves a diva-look especially when a free one is in the offering all thanks to our darling online retail friend KONGA.COM. No doubt, that is why 1,321 beauties are gunning for that extra touch of magic by a master makeup artiste. Each question in the quiz has a five-second time frame for the participant to produce the right answer and for each question answer correctly, the appropriate point is awarded and the participant goes on to answer some more question. The more points gathered by a participant in the quiz session, the higher the chances of getting that free posh-look.

Top gunners have hit 8000 points!

The reward is worth it alright but the fun of the quiz has been driving some really top guns to scoring points as high as 8000. So, how much point can you get? The challenge is still open and you can still make it all the way to a rewarding makeover…show some guts girl! Join the race and show us how much you know about being a woman.

More KONGA Offerings on Palmchat

KONGA.COM and Palmchat are working out something really nice on the Palmchat social platform. Now, Palmchatterscan get update infos on KONGA.COM discounts and promos live on KONGA.COM’s Palmchatforum and that’s not all. One can also place orders for that special stuff on KONGA.COM shelves from Palmchat…cool as you like! Be a part of the next generation of comfy-shoppers, join KONGA.COM on Palmchat.

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