Photos: Inside Joan Rivers’ New York Apartment



This is the apartment Joan Rivers’ lived in before her death. The comedienne, who died at 81 last week, treated every day like a performance and would get ready in her bathroom which looked like a backstage dressing room (bottom right).

Sad that she couldn’t take it with her. See more photos below

Opulent: The drawing room in Joan Rivers's Upper East Side condo is a sea of pink and gold velvet, with a piano in the corner, lit by three glittering chandeliers

A pillar of showbusiness: Like Rivers, who died last week at 81, the New York apartment lined with pillars and mirrors is a star of the city, valued at around $35million

Renaissance style: Rivers once described her home with marble statues and cast-iron décor as 'where Marie Antoinette would live if she had the money'

Sweeping: To get up to the glittering penthouse, next door to Bette Midler's home, the star would have to scale this vast marble staircase helped by a carved iron rail


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