Photos: Kim Kardashian “Attacked” By Celebrity Pest, Vitalii Sediuk, At Paris Fashion Week Red Carpet


Dramatic scenes: Kim Kardashian was almost pulled to the ground by red carpet gate crasher Vitalii Sediuk at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday

Kim Kardashian has become the latest victim of red carpet pest Vitalii Sediuk. The Ukranian former journalist – who is trying to carve out a career as a model – was in the huge crowd which gathered around Kim and her husband Kanye’s car as they arrived at the Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week, in which her sister Kendall Jenner was walking, on Thursday. In bizarre scenes Vitalii – the prankster who accosted Brad Pitt at the Maleficent premiere in Los Angeles earlier this year –  is reported to have pulled Kim’s hair [which he denies] and almost knocked the 33-year-old starlet to the ground, in front of Kanye and her mother Kris Jenner. More photos below …

No crowd control: Kim, Kanye and her mother arrived to a scene of chaos at the Balmain show in Paris on Thursday

A source close to Vitalii said:

‘The information about Vitalii pulling Kim’s hair is untrue. Vitalii hugged Kim and that caused a big crowding with the security that pulled him down to the ground. ‘Because of the mess, Kim may have lost her balance , But Vitalii didn’t mean any harm.’

Security quickly jumped in and escorted a shocked Kim into the building.

Protective: Kanye West put a protective arm around his shaken wife after the terrifying incident

Waiting to make his move: Vitalii was spotted at the front of the crowd as he waited for Kim and Kanye to arrive

This is just one of the many times the former journalist has had run-ins with celebrities including America Ferrera, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez. Brad Pitt recently spoke out about the infamous run in with the now-notorious Sediuk at the Malificent premiere in Hollywood in late May. The movie hunk said he was forced to defend himself after the Ukrainian television personality tried to ‘bury his face in my crotch.’

Celebrity pest: Sediuk once again hit the headlines after Kim became his latest celebrity victim

Rescue me: A security man was on hand to whisk Kim away from all of the drama after the terrifying incident

Utter shock: Kim looked traumatised as she made her way inside after the incident on Thursday