Man Places Advert Online To Find Husband For Sister



According to Mirror UK, a 26-year-old man from Cardiff, United Kingdom, Adam Clarke, has gone the extra mile at ensuring his elder sister does not remain single for too long. As a way of finding her a life partner, Clarke recorded an interesting video advertising great attributes of his sister and then posted it on Facebook and other social media platforms. The trick has paid off with Natalie receiving dozens of offers from far and near already.

“She hasn’t had a boyfriend for a long while,” Clarke said in the home-made clip, filmed in his car. “Don’t know whether it’s because she’s infertile, she’s too old, whatever. We need to get her a boyfriend because she’s a good woman.

“If anyone’s interested, she’s 33, she’s got her own car, runs her own business, she’s… I’ve run out of things to say about her. Anyway, if you’re interested, add her on Facebook.”

Adam put the video on Facebook without Natalie’s knowledge but she appreciated it later after initially kicking against it. The fact it was an instant success and sparked multiple responses in just 24 hours may have helped.

“My laptop has not stopped beeping since,” says Natalie. It was not until we got home when he told me he shared it on his Facebook.”

Asked what she looks for in a man, she said: “I’ll admit it’s a little shallow but… looks. I’ll look at their profile and through their timeline to see if they stand out, to see if they can have a laugh like me.”

She says she’s whittled potential suitors down to between five and eight and may even be heading out on a date this week. The video has been watched over 8,000 times so far and Natalie has had around 70 messages. She is hopeful of finding the right man from the many suitors that have come her way already.