Meet Five-Year-Old Girl With More Than A Million Instagram Followers Who Lives Jet-Set Lifestyle


Breanna Youn is just five-years-old but she already has a following on Instagram to equal Cameron Diaz. And thanks to her million followers around the globe, the pint-sized internet sensation has swapped a cramped flat in South Korea with her parents and brother for a Hollywood star’s jetset lifestyle in Dubai.

Loving the LV: Thanks to her benefactors Breanna now lives a gilded lifestyle in Dubai - after moving from South Korea in May. They came for a visit but they decided to stay after her fame took off

Thanks to benefactors, the little girl has been flown business class around the world and showered with presents worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, from Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel and Tiffany jewellery to designer outfits, banquets and hampers laden with chocolates and cookies.

Surprise! Rarely a day goes by when there is not another unexpected gift arriving on her doorstep

Despite criticism that they may be exploiting their child, Breanna’s mother said: ‘As parents, you are happy that people love your children. Now Breanna knows she is famous. If we go to the mall, she will ask why people are not taking pictures with her. She is used to it.’

Biko, they should not let this girl miss her ‘childhood’ o!

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