Filmmaker, ‘Marries’ Ecuadorian Tribal Warrior She Met In The Amazon Jungle While Making A documentary


Sarah Begum (right) quit her job in London aged 21 to study the Huaroani tribe, which has 3,000 members in a part of the Ecuador jungle threatened by oil firms. She spent just a month in the village but was welcomed with open arms in a unclad initiation, which saw women make her a crown from macaw feathers. During the ceremony (bottom left) she was surprised to discover it was a full wedding celebration to pair her off with a warrior named Ginkto more than 30 years her senior (top left) – although as she quickly established, it was merely a symbolic gesture to spread their call for help in the West. Her experiences in the Amazon, where she was taught how to weave and hunt, have since been made into a film.

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