Jokers Share Photos Of Fruits That Mimic Kim Kardashian’s #BreakTheInternet Derriere



After her Break The Internet photoshoot, jokers have been posting images online of fruit and vegetables that look like the celebrity’s bottom. Examples of ‘Kardashian Fruit’ include pears, tomatoes and melons – and they follow her shoot with Jean-Paul Goude for Paper magazine. Mother-of-one Kardashian, 34, posed for the risqué snap (left) and others, including one showing her bare breasts, for the issue last month. See full pictures after the breakAn examples of ‘Kardashian Fruit’It's all gone pear-shaped for Kim Kardashian

Likeness: Examples of ‘Kardashian Fruit’ posted online follow the reality star's photoshoot with Jean-Paul Goude for Paper magazine

Comparison: This photo of a watermelon shaped like 34-year-old Kardashian's bottom is one of many that have been posted online by jokers

Another piece of fruit that looks like Kardashian's bottom

Many comparisons have been made online with different types of fruit

These guys are really hilarious. They are surely #breakingtheinternet

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