Photos: World’s Fattest Man Keith Martin, Dies From Pneumonia


Keith Martin, the world's fattest man

The man believed to be the heaviest in the world has died in London aged just 44. Keith Martin, who appeared in Channel 5 documentary 70 Stone and Almost Dead, underwent drastic weight loss surgery last year to reduce the size of his stomach.

The documentary followed his two-year battle to lose enough weight for the operation but after its apparent success he discharged himself from hospital early against doctors’ advice. He was readmitted to Homerton Hospital in October last year with septic shock and dehydration, the Mirror reported, and spent four months being treated before being released home in February. Mr Martin’s weight had dropped to 39 stone – almost half his peak size – but he died from pneumonia in March.

Before the surgery he had been confined to his home for more than a decade and bedridden for several years under constant care from his sister


Keith Martin

Mr Martin reportedly ate up to 20,000 calories a day from pizzas, kebabs, takeaways, fast food and fizzy drinks. May his soul rest in peace … amen!