‘I ‘ll Never Put Condoms In My Man’s Suitcase’ – Stella Damasus

Nollywood actress Stella Damasus who hosts the show ‘Undiluted with Stella Damasus’- Had an interesting topic last week “A woman put a pack of condoms in her cheating husband’s suitcase. ” And Stella said:

“‘If a man cheats once and you catch him, your reaction to his cheating would determine what happens the next time.If I have tried everything and he continues, then I’m sorry, I wouldn’t stay there. I would never be the one to put condoms in his suitcase. I’m sorry darling, your putting a condom in a suitcase will not change him.Instead of putting condoms, write a note telling him how much you love him and ask him to protect you and your home.”

What do you think? Would you?