Too Many Cliques Is Killing Nollywood – Actress, Ngozi Nwosu


Popular actress, Ngozi Nwosu,  who is now fully recovered from the illness that had kept her away for a while, warns in a recent interview that internal rancour in Nollywood may have serious consequences for the Nigerian film industry:

“One of the things killing the film industry is the fact that it is riddled with too many cliques. Nowadays, it appears that you have to belong to a clique in the industry to get a role in a movie. This is really silly and something has to be done about it. I don’t want to belong to any clique.

“Although I am seriously affected by this unhealthy development, I believe there will be a change of attitude soon. The only thing that is constant in life is change. Nevertheless, I am still available to anyone who sees me as a professional and wants to work with me,” she says.

The actress notes that the worst affected are members of the older generation of artistes, adding that many of them are withdrawing into their shells because movie producers are no longer giving them jobs to do.

“They are ready to work, if they are given jobs to do. But this doesn’t mean they should go down on their knees to beg the producers,” she says.