Bobbi Kristina Given Tracheotomy To Breathe


Bobbi Kristina Brown has been given a tracheotomy as the 21-year-old’s condition remains unchanged at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Family on Thursday said Brown’s condition is ‘still critical’ and that the surgical procedure – which opens an airway into the trachea through the neck – was a normal one for coma patients.

‘The tracheotomy is a different place for the tube to go,’ the source told PEOPLE. ‘Everything else remains the same. It’s a waiting game. The family is hoping and waiting.’

According to the source, the procedure will also reduce the risk of infection. 

‘She is still critical and we don’t know what the outcome will be,’ the source said. ‘No one is giving up on this kid.’

Meanwhile, who that family source is, exactly, remains unclear as Bobbi’s father Bobbi Brown claims the relatives who have been giving media interviews about her medical condition do not have direct knowledge of her treatment.

Singer Bobby Brown’s attorney asked media outlets on February 13 to stop speaking with family members unauthorized to discuss the condition of his daughter. She was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub at her suburban home last month.