Bobbi Kristina’s Husband, Nick Gordon Wishes Her A Happy Birthday


'Close to you baby': Nick, 25, who has been barred from visiting Bobbi's bedside by her family, wrote that he wished 'I was there to hold you'

Bobbi Kristina’s so-called ‘husband’ Nick Gordon remembered her on her birthday on Wednesday by posting a heartfelt series of tweets; the pair were pictured in 2012.  Bobbi was found lying face-down and unresponsive in the bath in Atlanta on January 31. Doctors placed her in a medically induced coma after deducing her brain function was ‘significantly diminished,’ and her family has been told that full recovery would be ‘a miracle.’

Last month, Bobbi was briefly taken out of the coma but suffered seizures as a result. She is now said to be breathing with a tracheotomy tube inserted last Thursday at the Emory University Hospital.

Bobbi’s boyfriend Nick is said to be devastated but attorneys from the Brown family have told him he will not be allowed at her bedside until he reveals exactly what happened the evening before she was found unconscious.