Kasapreko Unveils Alomo Bitters With Hologram Seal Around Bottle Cap


Consequently, lovers of Alomo Bitters can now continue to enjoy their favourite medicinal herbal drink that comes in the 75centilitre glass & 200 millimeter pet bottles now fortified with a Hologram seal around the bottle caps.
The Hologram seal is a silver-like shining seal which is similar to that found on the non-polymer Nigerian Naira notes, and it has been strategically positioned around the cap of every bottle of Alomo Bitters for easy identification of the authentic brand from imitation.

Speaking at the unveiling in Lagos, on Thursday, February 26 2015, the Managing Director, Kasapreko Company Nigeria Limited, Mr. Kojo Nunoo said the introduction of hologram seal around the caps is one of the initiatives by the company to checkmate criminal faking of Alomo Bitters by unscrupulous profiteers and to protect consumers against the consumption of substandard products which endanger human life.

The refreshed packaging for Alomo Bitters, according to him, is also aimed at empowering consumers to have access to genuine Alomo Bitters at all times. He added that it further demonstrated the company’s care for the consumers and their safety.

“This initiative is a security standard for global brands, and essentially it is meant to ensure clear brand differentiation and to highlight the unique features that distinguish Alomo Bitters from the imitated version and other substandard bitter products in the market,” Nunoo said.

He added, ‘‘criminal faking of the original Alomo Bitters has been a major challenge we face in Nigeria. As a company that places priority on the wellbeing of our consumers, this bothers us a lot. Hence the launch of the new hologram is aimed at helping the consumers identify the authentic Alomo Bitters when making purchase.’’

While buttressing the process involved in having the hologram security feature around the cap of Alomo Bitters bottles, Nunoo said the company went as far as Germany and the United States to get reputable hologram seal companies to create the unique hologram for the brand. “This is how much we value the wellbeing of our consumers,” he stressed.

Speaking on the rationale for the new Hologram seal, the Marketing Manager, Kasapreko Company Nigeria Limited, Mr. Peter Adegor, said the need to protect Alomo Bitters brand equity and to continue to guarantee consumer safety were paramount to the management of the company.

He informed that whilst between 2011 and 2012 Alomo Bitters accounted for about 80 per cent of the bitters market share, the position of the brand has today been threatened by the devilish imitation of the original product which has made it difficult for the consumers to distinguish their favourite Alomo Bitters from the fake.

“We need to exterminate this fear and reassure consumers that they can still enjoy their favourite Alomo Bitters. The launch of the hologram seal, therefore, demonstrates our determination to make sure our consumers continue to live healthy and active lives by having access to the genuine and authentic herbal drink they have always stayed with, which is Alomo Bitters,” Adegor said.

Special Guest and Representative from Consumer Protection Council (CPC) in Lagos State, Barrister. Tam Tamunokombia, commended Kasapreko for taking this bold step in consumer protection, and said the dangers of consuming counterfeit and substandard products were numerous and may even result in loss of life.

“With the hologram seal now around the bottle caps of Alomo Bitters, I am glad that consumers will not only continue to enjoy their favourite medicinal Alomo Bitters, but they will do so safely and confidently,” he said.