Photo: China’s Fattest Man Loses 13 Stone After Being Humiliated …


The man who once held the unwanted title of China’s fattest man has lost 13 stone in his life-saving bid to bring his obesity under control. Liang Yong (pictured recently, left) has spent five years dieting and now wants to set a new record for most weight lost by anyone in the country. His weight was once so debilitating that the now-26-year-old had to be transported on a reinforced steel trolley (bottom right) and he was so large at his heaviest of 35-stone (top right) that he could not even fit inside an ambulance. More pictures after the break

Agile: China's fattest man, Liang Yong, has lost 12 stone in a gradual diet which has seen him drop to 22 stone

Couch bound: Liang Yong decided to go on the diet after he got the unwelcome title of China's fattest man five years ago, pictured above

Humiliating: When he was at his heaviest of more than 35 stone, Liang Yong was too big for an ambulance and had to be transported to hospital in Chongqing by trolley

Unhealthy appetite: Liang Yong has had a problem with his weight all through childhood but is now dieting with the help of a local hospital in China

Big issue: China's fattest man, pictured here in hospital, had to be wheeled in on a reinforced trolley because he was too big for an ambulance

Road to recovery: China's fattest man, Liang Young, undergoes an examination as he battled to bring his weight down from 35 stone