Korede Bello Insists He’ll Perform ‘Godwin’ In Church Again If Invited


Very fast rising singing sensation Korede Bello doesn’t care what critics think as he insists that he will perform in a church again despite the criticisms he received for performing at the HICC (Harvesters International Christian Centre) in Lagos on April 5, 2015. In a new interview, Korede Bello said his recent hit track is an inspirational song that is dedicated to God.

His words:

‘If you are the pastor of a church and you invite me to perform the song, Yes i will perform the song again. It’s God’s song and whatever is happening now is predetermined, people are talking about God that’s all that matters, From the inception of Godwin, I knew that it wasn’t my song, I knew that anything that’s for God has the potential of growing bigger than you imagine. It’s not quite a gospel song, it’s an inspirational song, what I mean by it’s for God is the fact that it’s dedicated to God. I don’t see it as my song, I see it as people’s song and I see it as a song for God.’…