Photos: New Internet Craze “The Human Flag” Emerges; Goes Viral!


Human Flag is the latest internet craze after planking and ice bucket challenge

The images of former rugby player Dave Jackson, 32, from Nottingham preforming the difficult move, which is part of the calisthenics exercise regime currently sweeping the US, have gone viral. Fitness fanatics across America who have been able to pull off the move have posted pictures of themselves on social media. As a result the ‘Human Flag’ is being heralded as the next internet web craze since the likes of ‘Planking’ and the ‘Ice-Bucket Challenge’. Now fitness coach Dave, who used to be the captain of Nottingham Rugby Club, has brought the technique to the UK. See more photos when you continue

Images of former rugby star Dave Jackson, 32, doing  the 'Human Flag' in random places have gone viral

The impressive move, which requires incredible strength, is part of calisthenics, an exercise regime

The fitness craze, which is sweeping across the United States is a form of strength training which requires little equipment

Mr. Jackson can be seen here performing the difficult exercise in the snowy Yorkshire Dales 

He has also been snapped at various landmarks in his hometown of Nottingham including from the city's iconic Robin Hood statueHis human flagpole images have since gone viral after being shared hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter

A survey of 4,000 sports professionals in America named calisthenics training as their favoured fitness technique for 2015

He originally took up calisthenics as a hobby but now runs Saturday morning classes for men and women ageing from teenagers to his oldest client who is over 50Dave played for Nottingham rugby club for 14 years but was forced to retire from professional rugby in December 2013 after suffering a head injury

This one go hard o! Not even trying it for obvious reasons … #justsaying

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