Amazing! 9-year Old Student Writes Book On Terrorism


A 9-year old student of Unique Blossom Schools in Maitama, Abuja, Splendour Joe King, has writiten a book on terrorism, after a visit to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), where she interviewed a number of people, including children. The book titled “The Effects of Terrorism on Children” is scheduled for launching on June 18 2015, at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja. Splendour said, she wrote the book to catch children young before they become terrorists and miserable in the future.
Splendour did justice to terrorism and offers advice on how to help child victims of terrorism as well as what the government and society should do to reduce terrorism and violence in the society at all levels in the 20 paged book. Splendour has personally reached out to the president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to serve as the special guest of honour at the launching.