“Say No to AS & AS Or SS & AS Relationship All In The Name Of Love” – Obianuju Francis Okolo


A few days ago, (18th of June) was World Sickle Cell Day, a survivor and a friend by name Francis Okolo shared this inspiring message to all those in the fight as him and also to advice young ones on the importance of awareness before saying “I Do”. I promised to share this to encourage all those out there in one fight or the other. Read it below:

Shout out to all Sickle Cell in the World for the Successful World Sickle Cell Day yesterday. Always Believe its not a Death Sentence when you do the right things that your health needs and Believe in your Creator God, you’re definitely an overcomer.

And to the youths out there who claim to Be in love by saying love is blind knowing fully that you and your partner are A.S, A.S yet you still go Ahead to get married with the awareness of your Educational level, you’re just being heartless and careless about the high risk you’re about to put to your unborn child which at the end you claim to love your child. Please save the future Generation of the unborn children by acting right, Because you don’t know what it means nor the pains a Sickle cell patient passes through when the Doctor says he/she has a Bone pain crisis Low Pack Cell Volume (PCV) ie the blood level. Let’s Stay away from love is blind, it sees and knows what is right. Say No to A.S & A.S or S.S & A.S relationship/ Marriage life all in the name of Love and Let’s Help and fight this Genetic Disorder by creating Awareness and Save more life’s of our Future Children “The Future Is In Our Hands”. I’m Proud to be a Survivor,Thank You JESUS.

Please Share This And Create More Awareness.

God Bless You All.

By Obianuju Francis Okolo.


God bless you Francis for this

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