Infuriated Cyclist Lifts Up Car & Moves It Out Of Bike Lane Before Peddling Away



An infuriated cyclist picked up and moved a car parked in a bike lane before jumping back on the saddle and continuing on his way. The strongman, who has yet to be identified, was captured on camera by a car driver, who quickly left his vehicle to shoot the action.

In the video, which is believed to have been filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the man can be seen standing behind the car and holding the bottom of its bumper with both hands.

We have lift-off: The man lifted the car up into the air and began side-stepping to the right with it

At one point the strongman  lost his grip and dropped the car, but he remained focused and without skipping a beat picked up the vehicle and continued the job

The video concluded with the strongman mounting his bicycle and peddling away to the sounds of cheering from the crowd


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